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The Peeping Tom

August 31, 2013

Some years ago, when the human mind was idle, the concept of curiosity was born. The old ladies in London met for a wine-tasting, London-is-so-great, and your-lordship-is-so-great meetings and they talked about everything that was going on in the town.

Mrs Jones: ” My Mrs Wilson, those stones are simple and explicitly beautiful.I am sure Mr Wilson is very fond of his adoring wife to spend such a fortune on a woman.”

Mrs Wilson; “Of course, he is an adoring and gallant man”

(And if you just read the above out loud in an Indian accent, and if a camera is on somewhere, send it to India’s funniest home videos. Please..!!!, Read it in a haughty British accent in a manner that shows….that well “We are British”) 

The same curiosity-meetings happened in India, when old ladies of the town gathered under a banyan tree and gossiped about whose daughter got married to whom, and who paid the highest dowry and who has the most cows.

But its fascinating to know that mankind has moved on and people don’t gather for such trivia, we simple log on to Facebook. 

The place where we post pictures of our new “Apple Iphones” (I have my doubts that some Indians really think that even Samsung has an Iphone”), girlfriends/boyfriends and other people. Viewers just scroll through and know what you did, where you go, which brand of toothbrush you use etc.

But we are the insatiable kind, so we go a step further and gossip in office as well. Well the World Gossip Association (WGA – Formerly known as Facebook) and all its websites are banned in many offices, mine included. Hence the followers and protesters start movements in mini groups in office. These movements, essentially follow the preaching of Facebook – gossip. For those like me, who are satisfied in life with a computer, Income-tax Act, and headsets to block out WGA followers, are harassed by a new extremists – The Peeping Toms. In India where people are reproducing just to see who has the highest number of sons, houses adjacent to each other is just an inescapable part. There are places where you can actually climb out of your window, and ta-da, you are on a sky-walk and then again climb in through a window and ta-da, you in your friend’s place. Privacy is just a dream. And the irony is, people still manage to reproduce…!! Anyway, so peeping toms are a part of living in India, but they have encroached in my office and spread terrorism. Yes, those who stealthily peep and see your computer and then read every email you write, every excel sheet you open, and every online shopping site you go to. And then as if it is perfectly normal, they comment, “Yeah that dress is probably better.” It is the most irritating part of not having your own office or at least a cubicle with partitions. And there is nothing you can do about the peeping tom, just like in earlier days when nothing could be done of Mrs Jones and Mrs Wilson or in that case, just like nothing can be done about the International Peeping Tom – Facebook. So people reading it, if you are a Peeping Tom then stop it and if you are not then – “Hey, look behind you, there is surely someone reading this…..”

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