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Does Mean = Attractive ?

September 5, 2013

With his tall silhouette, charming ways and enigmatic smile, whenever he walked in the room with his smart talk and intellectual superiority, he made my heart skip a beat. Well that was a first after my nasty break up and I saw it as a sign that I was over my ex. Trust me – it’s an achievement to get over one’s ex. But I was too much over. So over, that the mad new obsession was not getting over. And I was in IPCC, which roughly translated in non – CA language means that this was the test of the millennium. So I didn’t want to ruin my concentration. So like the crowd, I decided, when ______, i’ll be happy and tell him. It is my belief that if you admire someone, or in this case, have a mind-bloggingly serious crush, you should tell them. But in the mean time I realized something and that takes us to a story long back. I was given a book in a shabby brown cover, withered and yellow – It was the first Harry Potter book which I loved. And I was once given a mysteriously covered book, with a well renowned author’s name coupled with good and capturing comments from major critics and newspapers. I hated that book – It was the host by Stephnie Meyer. That book still holds the prize of the only book I left half way through. It had the most amazing cover. And I started to realize that he was “the host” – glossy cover and gloomy writing. And many would agree he was not nice. Not menacingly evil but not saintly good either. And because of that, I liked him even more. And I observed something – Mean guys are attractive!!! Take Damon Salvatore (google him please if you haven’t heard that name before. Your eyes are missing out on a sight of a lifetime.) for example. I always end up liking the bad guys. If a guy is nice, simple, helpful and polite – i think “He will be a good company. We will be great friends” but if he is witty, a little smart and cunning, not always nice to everyone, always gets what he wants and always the charmer (in-spite of being selfish) – H.O.T. Now, I fail to understand this weird logic and I don’t even want to understand it scientifically. But here it is the naked truth. And that has been keeping me frustrated since a long time. Oh by the way, I did tell him I LIKE”D” him once and he was cool about it. See, that’s the thing. If it were the cutie-nice guy – he would probably be worried about me or him or apologize or do something so sweet that ironically it becomes too sweet to be sexy. But he asked a few things, and just like the narcissist he is, he started getting into –

1. Why did you liked me?

2. What exactly did you like about me ? (And here I am very sure that if I were to tell him everything, he would be in a shock…!!)

3. And then the CA genes kicked in and he wanted to know the date of start up and date of ending of the crush and reasons thereof with explanations wherever applicable.

So, in all, he was fine with it and he was glad he could help me get over my ex. So I have no reason to be angry with him. But I am angry with myself (or with him – I am in a serious confusion). How can I like a mean guy? I always end up liking mean guys. Even at office (here I mentioned office once so don’t blame me for being completely irrelevant), mean is more attractive. So there is no hope. He is gonna remain selfish, self centered, ditching on friends, show off and Mr-I-am-too-ambitious-for-silly-things-like-love but at the same time he will be the charmer, Mr I-always-get-what-I-want and a goody person. It is the mystery of his real identity that appeals/appealed (told you, I was confused) to me and its frustrating, sexy, abhorrent and weird, all at the same time. So to all the mean but sexy guys – stop confusing our kind…!!!

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  1. Tanmay Satam permalink

    Well written … and I completely know who this is and mean is not always attractive …. or the other way round

    • Tanmay Satam permalink

      My friend isn’t a narcissist !

    • Well then your acquaintance is my frustration-generator. But as you say, mean is not always attractive, hopefully that will pan out well for me in the future. Thanks tanmay..

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