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Are all bosses like Christian Grey..?

September 8, 2013

After a lot of considerations, hundreds of recommendations and a thumbs up by a cherished friend, I have finally ventured, in a country like India (which doesn’t even say “SEX” out loud) to read “50 shades of Grey”. The reason being curiosity, retaliation or simply I-am-yet-a-teenager-so-I-do-stupid-things. And I got past the completely illegal, not withstand-able in court, sex contract, and well…the book is okay. The character of Christian Grey in the book is shows he is into mergers and acquisitions and one of USA’s richest bachelors. Well the profile is convenient for an erotic novel but he has all the time in the world for all sorts of sex experiments, running to save his love, and other exes and be “Master of everyone’s universe”. This description is portrayed in many books when big shot business men have all the money, girls,  and loads of free time and naive minds are swayed away by the comfort enjoyed, luxury obtained and ego retained by these fictional characters. But is it really true…? That once you reach a point in your career when you are accountable for hundreds of people and those hundreds call u “boss”, you have opulence, luxury, comfort, ideas, money and everything else. I doubt it. My office was shut yesterday – holiday 🙂 . But I am me. So like the over-enthusiastic article, I had agreed to make a presentation for the “boss” – the partner. Frankly it was a good opportunity, and lovely learning. But, just as with all the lovely and charming ways of Obama, he is a little bald, the excellent opportunity demanded me to go to office when there were only 3 people there. That’s right – me, my boss and a colleague. So my entire day was spent with the boss. And I realized he is not like Christian Grey. Well obviously, not the kinky sex fetish part but he doesn’t have all the time in the world. Unlike Christian, he doesn’t have time for his loved one, for his adventure sports, or anything else. Here is how it really went.

We entered, all excited to be working directly with partner, and his love for the subject was palpable. It was his thing and element. He owned his subject. And here it comes :

Interruption No.1 from Mrs Boss about a festival.”I don’t have time. Please co-ordinate with people.”

Interruption No.2 from subordinate “Sir, there is no movement on the due diligence. “I don’t have much time. (Solves a doubt). I don’t give a damn. We are working for the buyer. If they don’t give the data – qualify the report”

Then before interruption No.3, he did not want to set a bad example, so like a gentleman he shuts his phone.

Now during lunch- Not one minute did he talk of anything about life, or politics, or any non-important issue, or Mrs Boss for that matter. He was on the phone taking care of business. And he did that the whole day. Not a moment of time.

He was appreciative, polite, kick-ass at tax, and the leadership showed like a crowned jewel, but he was not like Christian Grey who had all the time in the world.

Many a times, we chastise and criticize our seniors on the ground that execution is done by us. All they have to do is review it. But they are responsible for your work and error. And they do not live a Christian Grey-lifestyle with time to have sex 3 times a day at 3 different locations, to buy gifts, go on dates, take care of exes, and indulge into adventure sports, nor can they take decisions like buying the Company in which your lover/submissive/sex partner works. Well it works in the book, because no one reading the book is interested in how Christian Grey became the richest guy in USA by doing mergers and acquisition. The readers are interested in the red room of pain..!! So works there, but for someone in the breed of office-obsessed people, you cannot disconnect office from your head, and thus comes the thought that fiction and reality are worlds apart.

So the next time you see the guy who appears to own the world and the universe and time, remember, nothing comes without hard work and time is a special gift to someone. So cherish it when someone gives it to you for your trivia,,


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