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The Addiction of “HIMYM”

October 11, 2013

“An idle mind is a devil’s workshop” is a phrase very commonly used and heard. But I recently discovered facts about an idle mind that are much more serious than a trivial Devil’s workshop being set up in our minds. (Hell, the highly capitalist people in America might even call it Economic progress that production process in the form of a workshop has started). Now my discoveries about the idle mind were nearly impossible when I had to go to office – because bonded laborers don’t get the privilege of the idle mind. But I am an intern going to office and since my exams are getting nearer, I took a study leave from office. And hence the idle mind. Sure, it was a study leave so technically I was supposed to study but nobody studies for the first few days. It’s like telling newly freed India to go to the British for administrative help on the next day itself. Nobody in their right mind does that. And so I had idle time for myself for a few days. Normally when we think “time for ourselves”, we think of Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love – style words like “discover my self” “do the things I like doing” “search for my passion” and so on. So to combine all the above words, I started watching all the seasons of “How I Met Your Mother”. And this led to the discovery of effects of being alone other than the devil coming to make a nest and workshop in your brain. The side effect was …wait for it (told you I was watching HIMYM) “Addiction” Yes folks, it leads to addiction. Now, all Americans can think of, when someone says addiction is drugs and what Indians can think is ..well pretty much everything non-religious is an addiction/taboo for Indians. But I was addicted in a serious manner to the most uncommon thing in the world – it was “How I Met Your Mother”. I was literally addicted to the show. So instead of spending 2-3 days watching the show, I wasted more the 7 days watching the show day and night. At a point it seemed like Ted and Barney would actually come to my room and say “Give me a five” I had a similar kind of addiction sometime back about a British show called “Hustle”. But Britishers are sensible people and so they have a reasonable amount of Seasons with a reasonable amount of episodes in each season. So there were 6 seasons with 6-7 episodes each. So the genius brain of mine (with the devil’s workshop in it of course) came up with the solution of watching the whole thing in one day and finishing it off, so then, I could be free from the addiction. And it worked. But I cannot do the same with “HIMYM” because it is like a freaking anaconda with 9 Seasons and almost 20 episodes in each season. So I was faced with the problem of a life-time. What the hell do you do ? So yesterday, I watched it for an entire day – like the “whole” day. Which means that except for bathroom breaks, I did nothing but watch the show. And I was full today. I applied the principle of “Anything in excess leads to boredom” and it worked like a charm. So I am free, and looking at the shining sun, with a glorious torch signifying my triumph – triumph over my addiction of HIMYM (though I can still see Barney and his suits in my mind). Now, obviously this can yield a very dangerous result in case of drug addiction. But well you will find many other professional solutions for that addiction. But HIMYM addiction, or Vampire Diaries addiction for that matter, will not be solved by professional help. So, to Americans – please stop making such wonderful shows which replaces drugs in your country (I mean what will half the American cops do if drug dealers are out of the picture) and to those addicted to any T.V shows – watch the whole damn thing in one day and finish it off – it really works..!!

P.S : Side effects of this remedy is that you may start liking suits to much, see Barney Stinson everywhere, start having a weird American-Indian accent, and start talking like you are in a T.V show. 

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  1. Ha Ha, Anyway don’t worry it’s getting over as it’s the last season … though it’s sad to see we won’t see ted,barney,robin,lily & marshal together and yes the mother too !

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