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Forgotten But Remembered..

October 19, 2013

She had endured love, loss, ache and pain,

Trying to become stable and sane,

And Alas! She finally succeeded,

Gone was the cruel tempest, memories faded.

She vowed never to remember,

She swore never to answer.

She buried his memories in her head,

And went happily where her life led.

Normal and steady, had become her life,

Healed were the scars made by love’s knife.


From the ocean of buried memories he came,

Sighing and calling out her name.

His unexpected appearance came with a jolt,

Hit her like a diabolic lightning bolt.

She approached him with hesitation,

Like a wounded animal in trepidation.

She almost turned away and shut him out,

But sincere was his plea, his shout.

With a hammering heart she heard him, velvet and sweet,

He hesitantly pleaded just to meet.


They met, they talked and remembered,

Each other’s thoughts they answered.

They talked about parks, sunsets and visited places,

About life’s new order, its new and happy faces.

They relived the memories, so pure and divine,

Along the crashing waves, under the sunshine.

He said “I still like you”

She replied “I do too”

They thought of being together again,

Like birds meeting each other after the rain.


That would indeed be a happy end,

Both reacquiring their love, their friend.

However, cruel is destiny’s game,

The cyclone of fear inside them, they couldn’t tame.

Memories of the torturing scars and lonely nights,

The tangible heart ache and endless fights,

All of them came crashing

Fear dread and pain, their hearts crushing.


Both turned their separate ways,

To welcome their lives, and normal days.

She turned to her calm and he retreated to the waves,

Both returned to life’s monotonous octaves.

Yet they returned with a last memory – not painful but sweet,

Last memory of love and not deceit.

Though she couldn’t forgive, she let it go away,

And continued her life on her separate way.

Love can be cruel, monstrous and bad,

But now of love and him, she felt glad.

Years would pass and memories would fade,

But never would she forget the unbreakable bond made.

When asked about him she always answered,

 “He is never to be forgotten and never to be remembered”

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