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You Complete Me…

November 10, 2013

You are the soul to my heart,

Nothing can tear us apart.

You are the jewel to my crown,

My last breadth when I drown.

Without you, I am a colorless butterfly,

You color me, you complete me – that I can’t deny.


You are the air that I breathe,

The heavenly bliss that I need.

You are the wave in my still sea,

An angel’s halo around me.

You are the conundrum as also the key,

Oh my love, you simply complete me.


I am a wingless bird, you my flight,

I am the moth and you, the bright light.

In the thirsty desert, I am the dying traveler,

And you are the elusive drop of water.

I am the flowing river and you my sea,

How can I leave you, you simply complete me.


I am pulled by you like a soul to heaven,

I am the rainy day and you, my sun.

I am a still stone but you are my heartbeat,

I am a crippled soul, but you are my feet.

I am the light-less blind, you, the only one I see,

You are my vision, you indeed complete me.


When the lord summons me to his abode,

How will I walk along that road ?

My lifeless soul wait for you,

When you arrive, it will walk with you.

Before Him I’ll search for you – commit the blasphemy,

Simple because you have and you will, complete me.



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