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The Rocky Road

November 21, 2013

I was worried. Really worried. That day was the D-day. I had to prove myself. It was do or die. Many hopes hanged tenaciously on the task in hand. I had to win. That day, I woke up with a tensed mind and yes, a zeal to prove myself. That day in the PT (Physical training) lecture in school, I had to make my dodge-ball team, win. I was not the captain, but that hardly mattered. Yes – winning was all that mattered, then. I did not know about anything else. Joy was the win. Sorrow was the defeat. To defeat the sorrow was another bigger joy – a color-box with fluorescent colors. The enchanting colors in the box were no less than diamonds, with a novel feel about them, the sparkle of something new shone brightly and would catch our eye from distances far away. That was childhood – the sweet carefree, innocent childhood. That was now gone. We had lost that phase of our life when nothing mattered and responsibility meant to sharpen the pencil daily. Those days were begone. 

Today, I met a cherished friend. Went to a very sensible, mature and artistic dance show, had food in a respectable manner without screaming and shouting and paid the bill with my very own debit card. But then to break our glasses of respect and adulthood, there came a dessert. The most common, but still the most liked one.There is something about an ice cream covered in chocolate sitting in front of you like a mountain of bliss, that brings out the child in everyone. It had everything delicious in the world, it was a combination of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Ian Somerhalder – all in one. No one under the sun (or possibly in the universe) can deny a bite of it. It had vanilla, nuts, cake, chocolate, and something unknown. But the anonymity of the ingredient made it even more delicious. It was layered, with each layer offering a different variety. It was called the “Rocky Road”. What a beautiful name – I thought. And we paved our way through the rocky road, with nuts hitting our way, vanilla making it smooth, the cake making it spongy and the elusive ingredient surprisingly helping us all the way to the bottom of the cup. Our spoons reached the end and we had a big wholesome delicious bite of the whole dessert, with all the layers and it was heavenly.But then having all the layers in one bite was not possible. So we devoured the vanilla – the topmost bit of heaven. And like little kids, we shared it. Paradoxically, we were talking about turning 20 and feeling old while having the tempting ice-cream with our childish spoons. And I was sad that a phase of my life – where innocence was the fragrance around, where worry was unheard of, where little things made hearts swell, was over. We were in our twenties now. As we talked, the layer of ice cream with vanilla, was now, over. And next came the cake with chocolate sauce, and a mild splash of that mystery ingredient. And as predicted – It proved to be delicious as well. And like that, we devoured the whole of the dessert. Each layer together at first in that one lovely, full bite, and separately later.Both of us shared it, loved it and hence were smiling a goofy grin after having it.

And with a jolt I realized that life is like a rocky road. A delicious dessert. While I was mourning the loss of my delicious childhood, cribbing about loosing the vanilla, I now had the wonderful opportunity to taste the cake. Rather that enjoying the cake I was still hanging on to the vanilla. Yes, I am 20. Yes, I wish life were easy and easy things like colors, instead of promotions made me happy. But the cake has it’s own special sweetness too. I have more freedom, I can earn on my own, I can love, loose, love again, go out,drink and party. Little things like an “I missed you today” from a friend makes my day all florescent pink and glowing – just like the color box. A little appreciation from the partner is no less than winning the dodge-ball game. And I realized that life’s road is like a rocky road – some layers difficult to clear, like break ups, deaths, while some are easier. But each layer has it’s own flavor,  its own touch of mischievous but lovely taste. Yes the vanilla of my life is over. But I have the cake. And I am going to savor each morsel of that cake. It’s a remainder – the dessert is getting over fast, grab every spoonful while you can and live than spoonful to the fullest. And what’s more..? it will be delicious.

The rocky road was easy to drill through with the sturdy metal spoons and so we could taste a spoonful of all the flavors together in our first bite. But the giant Rocky Roaded of life is a bit more stubborn and hence paving all the way through it is slow. That heavenly spoonful of all the flavors is yet to come. This means that the best is still waiting for us with open arms. And while it awaits, we can always enjoy the vanilla, then the cake and the mystery ingredient – because they are all delicious and blissful and all a part of the beautiful dessert. 

But there was something missing – the cherry..!!!. How can there be no cherry on the dessert ? “What is the cherry on the dessert of life” – I wondered. And then with an Of-course-smile, I realized. Sharing life, it’s happiness, sorrows and moments is the cherry. And I knew why the “Rocky Road” didn’t have a cherry – she was right there in front of me, grinning like an idiot, sharing both my desserts…:-)

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