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Everything’s gonna be alright

January 26, 2014

To A Cherished And Lovely Friend


When the black clouds gather,

And you see no way further.

When star-light dims a little,

And hopes seem horribly brittle.

Remember that nothing lasts forever,

The darkness will eventually move over.

The rays of love’s sun will end the night,

And then, everything’s gonna be alright.


I know it’s difficult and I can feel the pain,

But happiness will come and we will smile again.

The despair may seem too heavy to keep at bay,

But you are not alone – together we will pave the way.

The darkness around is too weak to keep up,

The shine in your soul will light every corner up.

When you will search far enough, joy will come to light,

And do know, that everything’s gonna be alright.


I know the road seems too rocky to travel upon,

But darling please hold on, and half the battle’s won.

We are right there along the way,

Trying hard to drive the dark rocks away.

One day the rocks will melt to your might,

And then, everything’s gonna be alright.


I know the Lord has closed one door,

But trust Him, he will open some more.

Together we will search for that entrance,

Together we will travel that distance.

And then, all the happiness in the world will be right there-in sight,

Finally you will know what I meant when I said, “Everything will be alright”. 

  1. This was extremely heart warming. Love it.

  2. Made me smile. Your a good friend. Serve this poem to your friend along with a Hug

    • I did give her a hug… Lots of hugs and smiles.. I am a good friend coz she is a very good person and a lovely friend..

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