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Let that finance enter your life…

November 22, 2014

Have you ever faced a time when days pass by so quickly that at a point you write a date on a piece of paper and you can’t believe it. I always found a co-relation between this phenomenon and Einstein saying almost the same thing in an equation-like language. Einstein was of the opinion that higher your speed, lesser is the time it takes to reach your destination. Somehow people treat his opinions as an outcast that can be accessed by scientists alone. Isn’t his belief true in case of normal life too? The faster we move with life by working late to climb the corporate ladder, by getting married at the “appropriate age” etc, the faster we reach our end and never realize when life passed us by. Somewhere all learned men tell us the same thing, men with microscopes tell this in equations, men with holy books tell this in religion. We forget the simplicity of heavy-weight education in a maze of equations, jargon, fancy looking books and a desire to boast a degree. One sounds so qualified when he says “Inflationary pressure is expected to go down-swing and consequently the debt costs are expected to remain constant.” It simply means “Stuffs gonna have lower prices, and hence you will not have interest rates increased.”

Somewhere I have this vague thought in my mind that is quite difficult to put in words that all of what we do, all of what mankind does perhaps leads to a single point. Imagine branches – every branch will lead to the same tree. Perhaps that’s why people like Einstein, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, Mahavir etc. reached that tree of happiness. They jumped a few branches but they found their branch and stuck to it. The branch may be religion, science, finance or charity or anything else in the whole wide universe. Perhaps they are all trying to tell us the same thing – we just get lost in the jargon of it all.

I always felt that the most formal and technical of concepts teach you life lessons. We are just too caught up with jargon, and technicality to really realize this. This feeling has been lying inconspicuously in the back of my mind. However I realized this, in the middle of a financial management lecture, pet named SFM (Strategic Financial Management). The engrossed teacher was  speaking of markets and just like that I thought – Aren’t we all trading in a market of life, with happiness being returns, sorrow being loss/risk and the Almighty being the market regulator. And of course, the various commodities we trade are in an OTC Market. (It is an unnecessary jargon to say it has no standard market). We trade love for love, time for money, dreams for stability and so on. And it’s a limitless market where anything can be a commodity and anyone can be an investor, like a giant web of transactions.

The types of investors in finance are found in the life-market too. There are risk-averse investors who live life by a standard code (Minimum Risk Portfolio) who go for a stable degree, stable job, marry a stable/standard guy/girl and get reasonable returns of happiness. And then there are aggressive investors who invest in commodities like passion, madness, a consuming love and earn hefty returns in terms of happiness and fulfilment. And as finance says “Higher are the returns, higher is the risk” They face the risk of failing in their passion, not finding love and so on.

And then my train of thought went wild with the similarities of what the scary looking equations and hefty concepts were saying and what philosophers like Oscar Wilde use to say. The similarities are startling. Every decision we make is almost similar to an investment decision. Sometimes we are bullish on a stock, say a lover and then if the view is right, we gain and if the view is wrong we lose. Risk aggressive investors, when bullish, will go for the unacceptable and volatile lover and invest more love – if the view is right, it results in huge returns of joy and if the view turns out to be wrong, they are left with a huge loss of a gigantic heart-break.  If I am bearish on the lover, I do not invest my love, time etc to avoid loss.  

Heard the phase “There has to be darkness for light to enter”? When there is too much sorrow, happiness is bound to come. Well that’s what economics calls the Business cycle – Slump, recession, recovery and boom. Life is never the same in spite of you being the safest investor. Unlike real markets, you cannot choose not to invest because it is life and you can leave the market only when you die. And you have to go through these business/life stages. Slump and recession make you realize how much you can count on your blue-chip investments – friends and family. Recovery and boom make you believe in the market, make you believe in life.

And then like finance, we cannot predict everything. Somewhere a random investment, say an investment of helping a stranger can earn you high and unexpected returns. Somewhere the safest of investments may result in loss. And like market regulators, God watches the trade, lets us, earn, lose but steps in when things get out of hand and leads the market back to its bustling self. So the finance branch of the tree of happiness somewhere simply tells you – trade with all your heart, take risks of loving and following your passion and hedge it with family and friends Be free because if things get too difficult and recessionary, trust the market regulator to step in to take you to the recovery stage…..

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