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Thinking of me

January 11, 2016

Our love blossomed and bloomed,

Not like a hurricane that rushes through all at once,

More like a gentle breeze that soothed and calmed.

I thought of you on flawed days…..even on flawless ones,

Knowing that on a still night, near the sea,

You are surely thinking of me.


But like sand in a fist, you were slipping away,

What could I do? How could I not hold you tighter?

You are gone. I scream, thrash and wither away,

I ache for that talk, our hugs; I yearn for that laughter.

On silent days….even on cacophonous ones,

I think of my only infinity,

Hoping that on a still night, you’ll think of me.


Oh! But now I cannot recall, cannot recollect,

The colour of your eyes,

That igniting conversation,

That one friend you always despised?

Oh no! But I cannot hold on to blurring vision.

My loyal heart has but treacherously moved on.

But sometimes just a simple song reminds me of you,

I float away, somehow, somewhere I am with you.


You shut me in a box of memories, cage me,

But a sly, random song will play on a still night.

A sad smile, caged memories shall ignite,

And the alas, forgetting your oblivious lover,

I know you’ll surely be thinking of me.

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