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September 3, 2016

Remember those pure and innocent school days?

Now, you don’t even recall them in your hectic ways.

Remember that high school soul mate you had?

I bet his wedding, didn’t really make you that sad.

Remember that friend of yours – always calling and checking?

She is now so busy that it’s not even a monthly thing.

Remember when people liked you just the way you were,

Now they seem to judge you, taunt you on who you are.

Remember when life was just easy, simple & sane,

But change is here like a freaking hurricane.

However, we forget that when hurricanes destroy everything,

The chaos, surely gives way to something.

For you can’t hold memories eternally,

And you move amidst the chaotic-calm – slowly and resolutely.

Coz remember when you thought things would never turn strange,

You forgot that the only thing constant is nothing but change.




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