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Melodies in Life..

June 28, 2014

Walking on the busy streets of Mumbai everyday, jumping over cow-dung, dodging people in hurry, and running for buses in uncomfortable but pretty heels, I always have one companion, subtly with me but inconspicuous to most. They are my headphones. I have heard of fascinating tales of Tansen, the singer in Akbar’s court from my grandparents – the grandeur and skill in his singing, how he would impress the rain gods with his Malhar raga and how he was the finest there has ever been. Music is something very cleansing and soulful. And we are privileged to carry melody with us everyday. Music has a way of connecting to me, like rain and weather connects to me, like interesting people connect to me. I often experience a change in mood when I listen to songs, really listen to them not just play them in the background.

Songs trigger sharp memories of feelings, emotions, people, a phase in my life when that song was constantly on repeat etc. And I wonder whether other people feel it too. There are instances when I avoid sad Hindi songs because I really get sad for a few hours after listening to them. Whenever I feel down, I shut myself in my room, call a friend and listen to kickass songs like What doesn’t kill you by Kelly Clarkson, Aas Pass Hai Khuda and so on. EDM has another way of getting to me with the thumping of the beats – it empties my mind, which is really something..!! Certain songs remind my of someone I loved, some remind me of travel, some of memories with friends, some of forlorn phases.

I realized this when I was sitting with a couple of friends at the Worli sea face. The waves bring out something very spiritually satisfying in everyone and so the urge to sing retro songs came in. And so we sang, in ragged, amateur tones and misplaced lyrics but enjoying every moment of it nonetheless. Music has been around for years – calming music, sad music, music to pray, different melodies, These melodies are decorated by the sparkle of lyrics by writers. And we get “a song”. Some melodies are without lyrics but convey the message equally well. All this was a luxury earlier when concerts of great singers were attended only by the royals. But today we have devices which gives us all the melodies, all the emotions associated with the melodies, all the meaning in the lyrics in a jiffy. We have ipods, smartphones etc. We carry music with us everyday to accompany us in our solitude in train/bus travels, we carry beats with us to make that walk from the station to office a little less boring, we have the volume in these tones to shun away the unwanted noises and we have the calmness in these melodies to soothe our tensions.

Music brings out the artist in everyone, and those who possess the ability to create music are not only artists, but artists who bring art alive in others. So the next time you listen to that song you like, let yourself rest and allow the artist in you to enjoy it….


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